Saba Gulf is the ideal partner, supplying the oil and gas industry with the quality equipment, solutions and services that ensure performance and cost stability for every job. From loaders and dump trucks to dozers, excavators and a full range of standard and custom attachments, we deliver everything you need for your worksite requirements.  Moreover, Saba Gulf operates a global parts sourcing system that provides customers with direct access to a large inventory of stocked parts, components, and ready-to-run equipment. Saba Gulf’s unmatched ability to source hard-to-find specialized items, efficient order execution, and timely shipment make for rapid delivery worldwide.


The industrial parts we deliver are always in demand across the globe and you’ll find our precise, engineered components everywhere from USA, China, India, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Our export division specializes in identifying, supplying and supporting our global customers. We’re frequently asked to assist our customers in identifying and locating hard-to-find and obsolete equipment, as well as explaining the technical complexities of the requested equipment.

It’s our pleasure to do so. In many cases, our export customers will send samples so that we can reverse-engineer the parts. In those instances, we add substantial value in the supply chain directly to the customer. We work closely with our global customers in order to clarify and verify every detail of each order specifically to help our customers avoid costly errors. Our attention to detail, responsiveness and understanding of international business practices have earned the reputation of being the most dependable global supplier of rotating equipment. We are, quite simply, experts at exporting.

  • Commitment to Safety

    If it’s not safe, it’s not right. While we have invested in the latest manufacturing and fabrication equipment, we understand that our most valuable assets are the ones that travel in and out of our doors every day. Our safety protocols and standards are very important to us – and we make sure to regularly train our employees to ensure a safe working environment.

    All of our personnel are required to wear eye protection, proper clothing and steel toed boots throughout all of our facilities. In addition, every employee has the responsibility and option to “stop work” if our high safety standards are not being met.

  • Certification of Warranty

    Saba Gulf is your most comprehensive source for pump, compressor, turbine and control valve parts. Time proven and quality tested, Saba Gulf warrants its products for ONE YEAR to be of FIRST CLASS materials and superior workmanship. Each and every part has quality manufactured into it and is rigorously inspected prior to shipment to a customer.

    Our products are equal if not superior to the original manufacturer’s quality and tolerance standards. And, if for any reason our parts or services does not meet with the customer’s satisfaction, a full-money-back guarantee is ALWAYS offered.


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